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The Snow Bear, The Jack In-The-Box, and Kebeg.

Ruth Ainsworth in anthologies

Kingfisher Book of Toy Stories

Cecil, Laura, and Emma Chichester-Clark. The Kingfisher Book of Toy Stories. London: Kingfisher, 2001. Includes 'The Jack-In-The-Box' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

The Lovesome Book for Little Folk. London: Epworth Press, 1953. Includes 'Two Grey Kittens' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow: Tales of Fantasy and Imagination. London: Cathay, 1984. Includes 'The White-Haired Children' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Random House Book of Ghost Stories

Hill, Susan, and Angela Barrett. The Random House Book of Ghost Stories. New York: Random House, 1991. Includes 'Through the Door' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Fantastic First Poems

Crebbin, June. The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems. London: Penguin, 2000. Includes 'Acorn Bill' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Rocking Horse Land

Lewis, Naomi, and Angela Barrett. Rocking Horse Land and Other Classic Tales of Dolls and Toys. London: Walker, 2000. Includes 'Rag Bag' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Sackful of Stories for Eight Year Olds

Thomson, Pat, and Paddy Mounter. A Sackful of Stories for Eight Year Olds. Corgi, 1992. Includes 'The Flood' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Skylark Ghost and Monster Stories

Bennett, Jill. Skylark Ghost and Monster Stories. London: Book Club Associates, 1980. Includes 'Four Plus One' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Stories for Five Year Olds

Blishen, Edward, Nancy Blishen, and Polly Noakes. The Kingfisher Treasury of Stories for Five Year Olds. London: Kingfisher, 1989. Includes 'The Mermaid's Crown' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Tales of Horror and Mystery

Tales of Horror and Mystery. London: Dean, 1993. Includes 'Through the Door' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Pirate Stories

Bradman, Tony, and Tony Ross. The Kingfisher Treasury of Pirate Stories. Boston, MA: Kingfishers, 1999. Includes 'The Pirate Ship' by Ruth Ainswoth. |

6th Armada Ghost Stories

Danby, Mary, and Peter Archer. The Sixth Armada Ghost Book. London: Armada, 1982. Includes 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

The Silent Playmate

Lewis, Naomi, and Harold Jones. The Silent Playmate: A Collection of Doll Stories. New York: Macmillan, 1981. Includes 'Rag Bag' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Spooky Tales

Spooky Tales: Spine-chilling Stories of Ghosts and Ghouls. London: Octopus, 1984. Includes 'Through the Door' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Five-Minute Stories

Waters, Fiona, and John Lawrence. The Kingfisher Treasury of Five-Minute Stories. Boston, MA: Kingfisher, 2004. Includes 'The Bear Who Liked Hugging People' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Bedtime Stories by Eileen Colwell

Colwell, Eileen. Bedtime Stories. Loughborough: Ladybird, 1982. Includes 'Hob Nob' and 'The Little Wooden Soldier' by Ruth Ainsworth. |

Haunting Ghost Stories

Haunting Ghost Stories. Ghost Stories. London: Octopus, 1980. Includes "Through the Door" by Ruth Ainsworth. |

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